Welcome TO Shandong Tianyi Machinery Co., Ltd

Shandong Tianyi Machinery Co., Ltd.(shorted as Tianyi Machinery) has firmly grasped the historical opportunity of rapid development of prefabricated construction industry and adhered to the direction of high-end, high-quality and efficient development. The company has won more than 40 national and provincial honors, such as "National High-tech Enterprise", "National Champion Enterprise in Manufacturing Industry", "National Specialized New Little Giant Enterprise", "National Assembled Construction Industrial Base", "National Green Factory", etc.

Tianyi Machinery is a technology-leading manufacturing enterprise, always focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of prefabricated construction equipment and providing integrated solutions for comprehensive utilization of solid waste. Tianyi Machinery's leading products include light wall panel intelligent equipment, PC intelligent equipment, autoclaved aerated concrete (ALC) panel intelligent equipment, thermal insulation and decoration integrated panel intelligent equipment and other series. Some products have a domestic market share of more than 40% and have been exported to 106 countries and regions such as Germany, Saudi Arabia and South Africa, etc..

Tianyi has obtained more than 300 technical patents, established a patent research and development system of "one week, one patents", launch a new product every year and a half. Drafted and participated in the compilation of 18 national and industrial standards, and has 4 national high-level talents. It has established in-depth cooperation relations with more than 10 scientific research institutions such as the China General Academy of Building Materials Science, Hunan University, Shandong University of Architecture and Technology, etc.

Tianyi adheres to the concept of strong cooperation and open development. In May 2018, Tianyi Machinery and ISOCOM, the largest BIM company in Germany, jointly established TBT Company. In June 2018, it acquired BCDS, a 36-year-old prefabricated construction equipment technology enterprise in Germany, and established the first overseas research and development center in Germany. The comprehensive integration, innovation and application of German Industry 4.0 technology have kept Tianyi's mechanical intelligence level at the international forefront.

Tianyi Machinery is building the prefabricated building smart factory Internet platform, combining intelligent sensing technology, 5G technology, big data analysis technology and artificial intelligence technology to meet customers' intelligent, flexible and integrated needs and provide integrated solutions for customers' intelligent transformation.

The company implements the mission of "Tianyi make buildings simpler", and strives to create "Tianyi of innovation", "Tianyi of cooperation" and "Tianyi of altruism". The future will be a more open and inclusive world. Tianyi Machinery will work with partners to become a high-end equipment manufacturing base with high-end products, high-end technology, high innovation ability and global influence, and become a respected and sustainable international excellent enterprise!