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Tilting Table
Tilting Table

Tilting tables are used for the production of large area flat precast concrete elements, such as panels, solid walls or sandwich walls. The surface of the table is grinded, in order to obtain an optimal surface on the precast concrete element. The use of shuttering elements in various sizes and thicknesses allow the production of elements with apertures for doors and windows. The freshly poured concrete is compacted by means of high-frequency vibrators. The table can be equipped with different heating systems, which speed up the curing process.

The tilting process allows the precast concrete element to be removed safely, without damaging it, by a hydraulic system with synchronised telescopic cylinders. Each tilting table is engineered and finished in accordance with customer requirements. The titling tables are designed in particular for mobile use and can be quickly transported from construction site to construction site. They are designed for fast, simple production of precast concrete elements and can ce added with concrete spreaders, smoothing equipment for processing the surface, plotters or other auxiliary machines.



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