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Extruded machine for hollow core slab
Extruded machine for hollow core slab


The extruded wall panel production line is featured by compact structure, high degree of automation and fixed primary equipment. The materials will be extruded and vibrated at the same time in wall panel molding and the wall panel will be molded though continuous automatic vibration and extrusion to guarantee the good compactness and overall dimensions of wall panel. Initial setting maintenance is made after molding. Semifinished wall panel moves with convenience, flexibility and high efficiency. Extrusion screw frequency control is adopted in molding process. The molding dense degree of the ash plate is adjusted and controlled by a central controller to realize the continuous automatic assembly line of the ash plate. As the stiff mixture with low water cement ratio is adopted for the extrusion molding, hollow wall panel with high strength and high compactness can be produced. Automatic continuous production, high efficiency and high quality consistency can guarantee high quality of the wall panel. The produced wall panel is widely used in frame structure or steel structure buildings. 


The lightweight wall panel produced by this equipment through utilizing all kinds of solid waste, industrial slag, coal ash, plant straw, shale and other materials is a kind of new building materials of environmental protection, energy saving, waste recycling in line with the construction module.



1 Green environmental protection: the raw materials are from high temperature smelting slag (after water slag, fly ash, slag), cementitious materials as cement, the products are inorganic, no harm to the environment and human body; no pollution, production process emissions free, environment-friendly building materials.

2 Weight: about 50% weight less than the traditional use of red brick, lime sand brick.

3 High strength: the strength of >5MPa

4 Small shrinkage: the drying shrinkage value ≤ 0.6 (mm/m)

5.Insulation: 90mm × 600mm2800mm, 7 hole wall, hole rate is up to 34%, so it has good heat insulation effect.

6 Fire proof: using cement as cementitious material, the cement is the hydraulic products, has good water resistance, water does not jump shell not skin. The fire resistance limit is high, is also very good fireproof material.

7 No radiation: index is far lower than the national standard.

8 Construction of efficient width: qualitative modulus, highly customized special size field cutting, splicing and assembling construction; the smooth surface, no powder sand ash; sawing, drilling, hole, conveniently buried pipeline; shorten the construction time, saving the cost.

9 Significant economic benefits: the biggest product characteristics of light weight, reduces the overall load of building, reduce the construction cost, increase the living area.